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     As a first-time author, I didn't know who to choose for my editing or publishing needs in 2016. I explored the options of traditional publishing and self-publishing but had reservations with each method. Then I met Larry Carpenter at a conference and discovered there is a third option! Independent publishing gave me the control, speed, and quality that I desired without signing away the material rights. I created my cover design and title, and every word in my book has been written or approved by me. If you want total control of your finished work and desire to launch your book in less than a year, I recommend Carpenter's Son Publishing. For me, they were an answer to prayer!

Charlotte Benke
Author of ALIVE: Hijacked by the Holy Spirit


     Got this tweet tonight. Proof that I put my chips on the right guys! I'm so grateful to have met you, Larry! I knew the minute you started talking that you were the conductor of my book orchestra! Craig, you're pretty fly, too! ;)

Amber Hurdle
Author of The Bombshell Business Woman

     I cannot say thank you enough. To finally hold my book in my hands is such and answer to prayer. 9 years of prayers.

Luisa Ward
Author of The Bridge

     Working with the team at Clovercroft Publishing has exceeded my expectations in getting my second book to print. They have walked me through every step of the process and been amazing in their responsiveness, communication, and the overall journey of seeing my vision realized. Thank you to Larry and team~ I am one happy author!

Dr. Cortney Baker
Author of Unlimited

     I am grateful for finding Christian Book Services LLC through a referral of a satisfied customer.  If you are looking for a company that truly seeks to serve the author with personalized attention and broad knowledge and experience, you should consider Christian Book Services.  They gave me an education, and fulfilled every promise made.  My book is now on the market and is a beautiful product that I can be proud. 


Dr. Bruce K. Terpstra

Author of Three Passions of the Soul

     Just a note to say thanks for the beautiful job on the book. It’s a beautiful sight, for sure! So nicely produced.

     We as a mission, and I know I speak for the family as well, are very grateful for the service you’ve provided in the publication of this book. It’s our belief that the work of the gospel in Greece will be moved forward because of this project. Thank you for your attention to detail, your professionalism, and for your never-tiring patience with my seemingly inexhaustible questions.

Dan Vorm
Author of If I Had Two Lives

     I am a first-time author. When I started looking around for a publisher, I was overwhelmed not only by the cost of publishing and marketing but by the likelihood that all my efforts might not be enough to sell more than a few hundred books in this highly competitive marketplace.

     Traditional publishers offered little encouragement. First, I had to get an agent they liked and be willing to take on most of the marketing tasks myself. Somehow, the Lord led me to Carpenter’s Son Publishing. Larry Carpenter and his superb staff have guided and encouraged me at every turn through the bewildering maze of decisions and commitments to bring my rough draft to publication at a fraction of the cost, mental anguish and effort.

     Larry has literally hand-held me through every step in the process with specific suggestions for layout, cover design, editors, publicists, on-demand and traditional printers and distributers, not to mention all the recommendations for building a solid marketing plan and carrying it through to completion. I could not have come this far without his compassionate help.


William Combs

Author of Who Told You That You Were Naked?

     We spent two years looking for a publishing solution to get our ideas to market in book form.  We explored every avenue from self-publishing to courting full service publishing companies and all points in between. Clovercroft provided greater expertise and more knowledge than what we found in the biggest publishing firms in America.  Clovercroft provided better value than the best print-on-demand solutions.  Last but not least, in Clovercroft we found a degree of customer service and hands on involvement with our project that is truly world class.  

     Larry has created an incredibly powerful system that truly empowers both experienced and first time authors to quickly, easily, and affordably put out books that are of the highest quality.  As any author knows, writing your book is the easy part.  Larry has made the arduous, confusing, and challenging job of getting your message to your market as easy and exciting as actually writing your material. 
I can confidently say no author will not find a better partner than Clovercroft when it comes to getting your ideas to your target audience.

Kevin Burgess

Real Change Now

     No one would help me. I was close to quitting. Why put so much time and effort into a manuscript no one would read. Even after a publishing company picked up and published three of my books, I still couldn't get an agent to even look at my other manuscripts. Other author recommendations didn't get results either. 

     After I spoke to Larry on the phone, he gave me hope. I sent him my manuscript and he immediately began to get bites. It was like watching the bobber on the line of a fishing pole ducking under water briefly as agents bit and released. After only a few nibbles the ball submerged and flew through the water. Larry had hooked the big one. 

     What took me years of work and frustration, Larry accomplished in days. He matched a perfect marriage between author and agent. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Mary Lou Davis

Author of Snatched

     Recently I utilized the services of Carpenter’s Son Publishing in the printing and publishing of my new children’s workbook, For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Mr. Carpenter was a tremendous help in making sure I was aware of all aspects of the publishing criteria and he and his editing staff patiently guided me through the completion and set up of the manuscript. I was very satisfied with the end result of the book and am thankful for their expertise.

Heather Goodwin

Author of For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

Dear Larry,

     We cannot tell you enough what a joy it is to do business with you. We have had several experiences in our first years of being an author, co-author, and publisher and you are a breath of fresh air! Johanna and I self published our first book and audio book, and what a learning experience that was.

     During the last several months you have helped us significantly reduce our overhead costs in all aspects of our book and audio business. Not only did you reduce the printing and duplication costs, but your handling of the development projects on our second book have been awesome. We are eternally indebted to you for your wisdom and coaching through the entire project. We look forward to working with you daily now and into the future. 

God Bless You Larry.

Johnna and Matt Parr

Authors of When the Dream is Big Enough & Profound Change

     Thank you for so capably choreographing all phases of production and marketing of Whatever is Lovely: Design for and Elegant Spirit. I am most grateful for your capturing the book’s intent; your efforts in connecting me with the appropriate book designer, editor, and other publishing and marketing professionals; your prompt response to my inquiries; your regular progress updates; your persistent good humor; and your valued professional advice. I have enjoyed collaborating with you on Whatever is Lovely and am delighted with the beautiful result.

Marsha Maurer

Author of Whatever is Lovely: Design for an Elegant Spirit

     Larry Carpenter is a publisher who seems to specialize in helping an author get their product to market fast, efficient, and with top quality. The advice he has given to me has been invaluable to date. His recommendations are very helpful, and his team has been supportive and professional. Larry is an honorable and ethical business person, and very knowledgeable about the industry and the marketplace. I highly recommend his publishing services and feel blessed to have become affiliated with Carpenter’s Son Publishing.

Janet Tombow

Author of Stolen But Not Lost, Watch Out For Miracles, and Miracles Matter

     Received the books today, they are beautiful. Everyone is excited about reading it and I am getting many requests. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. As we first spoke, this was a missing part of me and with your help, I can close this chapter in my life and move onto other items that will help others. Thank you.

Patrick McCarthy

Author of Please Don't Let Me Die